Willem Ombelet Affordability & Developing Countries

Infertility is a global reproductive health problem with a silent population of more than 200 million couples worldwide facing the consequences of childlessness day by day. Until now, infertility care in most developing countries has been fragmented between public and private spheres. It has been reported that inadequate or complete lack of rules and regulations about treatment conditions and commercial interests lead to unethical practices. It is important, when implementing low-cost (accessible) infertility services in poor-resource areas, to profoundly study social, psychological, sexual, legal and ethical aspects of infertility and infertility treatment and take study findings into account when setting up gender and cultural sensitive infertility services.

As the coordinator of “Infertility in Developing Countries” for ISMAAR, Willem Ombelet invites all ISMAAR members be involved in activities associated with reproductive health care in developing countries.